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Great Product

Kids loved it.

Great product

Very happy, great quality product, quick delivery.
Great addition to bath time indulgence.

Relaxing soak.

Just what you need after a long day at work. Very relaxing indeed.

Best bath pillow, ever

Best gift lve given myself. Makes bathing so much more relaxing and extremely comfortable.

Great products at great value!

Birthday. Present for hubby

My husband lives these products, he says the pillow is so comfortable along with caddy on which he often has a glass of wine and his iPad, bathing is more relaxing than its ever been.

They smelled great in the box

They were a gift for someone, so i don't know much more than that at this stage

Happy kids

Bought the bath dust for my kids and they love it. Smells amazing and leaves no marks on the bath, wash clothes etc. the bright colours entice the kids to get in! Great product


Good quality

It looks well made and it dries quickly. I bought this for my wife who says it's super comfy, so she's happy and I'm in the good books so I'm happy too. :)

Love this!

Excellent - comfortable, easily dries, no staining and washable - perfect choice! :)

Bath time game changer!

Hubby and I both love baths (as do the kids), so we got this as a Christmas gift to ourselves. On a rainy day of the holidays I settled in with a wine, good book and bath dust and it was perfect! I also set it up on the vanity with a movie on my phone and scissors etc handy so I could keep the kids occupied while I cut their hair - worked a treat! My only feedback would be a spot to properly hold a book. The middle part is ok for a tablet, but doesn't hold book pages open.

Perfect stocking stuffers

I purchased these to be stocking stuffers for Christmas and they were perfect. A couple were a little bit damaged upon arrival (bits crumbled off), but I kept them for myself. I have used the pink romance and it smells divine!

Great gift idea

A present to my husband
He used it that night
It’s comfortable and looks good


My daughter in law loves it


My wife loved the bath pillow I gave her for Christmas. She has had bath pillows in the past that were cheap and didn’t last or weren’t comfortable. The one from bath box is superb.

Great gift for a friend

Gotten this one for Christmas and they loved it!

Lovely gift!

I gifted this one and my friends loved them!!

Perfect gift

i brought this as a Christmas gift. very pleased with the items. The receiver of the gift was very excited

Excellent quality and service

Bought as a Christmas present, was very happy with both the prompt and helpful service, along with the quality of the product. My wife absolutely loved it.


The WIfe seems very happy with them, haven't used them myself, but they look and feel like high quality

Zen - Clear Mind Bath Bomb

After a busy day of work it is nice just to sit down and clear the mind. Rest after the day in order to relax! The scent and colour is amazing!

Soothe - Relieve and Calm Bath Bomb

As someone who can get anxious in public, it is nice to end the day with a bath bomb that just grounds you and relieves you of all the stress of the day. It leaves you feeling calm and ready to relax for the night! The added bonuses are the gorgeous colour and scents!

Breathe - Sinus Relief Bath Bomb

As someone who suffers bad hay fever, this bath bomb was absolutely amazing! It cleared up my sinuses super fast, and left me feeling free! The added bonus is the beautiful vibrant colour!

Hot Lava Bubble Bath Bath

This bubble bath bar is so much fun! It creates a generous amount of bubbles and leaves the skin so soft! Such fun colours and scents, can't go past a good bath!