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I want to buy so much more from this website! I ordered two bath pillows and they are just Devine - makes bath time so comfortable and nap worthy! Will recommend & buy as presents for friends/fam! Thanks ladies - the personalised little note that came in the box makes all the difference :)

Great value pack. The pink clay mask is gentle yet leaves your skin feeling so clean without drying out. The chocolate mask smells good enough to eat! Love how both masks use natural ingredients. The applicator is super handy.

Great bath pillow. Super comfortable and doesn’t slip. Supportive on your neck if you like to read in the bath. Would definitely recommend.

Absolutely love my bath pillow. I have cancer and sometimes the only w a y my back feels comfortable is to have a hot bath. The pillow comes up my neck and right down the centre of my back taking pressure of the important spots. I adore my bath pillow can't live without it lol

Bath Caddy

I had the most relaxing bubble bath the other day with my caddy. I was able to watch Netflix on my iPad with a wine in my hand, it was the best. I've been wanting a Bath Caddy for some time now & I think I nailed it by buying the bath box one. Very happy with my purchase & I highly recommend this one if your looking for a Bath Caddy they thought of everything.

Bath caddy

It’s so good
I can relax in the bath with my book or watch a movie


Upon receiving my new bath caddy and bath pillow of course I just had to jump straight in to the bath accompanied by my favourite wine which fits perfectly in the bath Caddy with no risk of spills, (because after a couple of sips you know we all need that.)

It also has room to put my iPad without dropping it in the bath because of the amazing design to keep it secure so I can watch The Bachelorette in comfort .

The bath pillow allows me to layback without getting a sore back after too many episodes, what more could a girl want!

To summarise I love my new bath caddy and bath pillow. I was so pleased with the quality of both items I would definitely recommend them.
The perfect pair for a relaxing Friday night in all you need is BYO wine.


Haven’t tried it yet but it looks pretty it is not as bright as it is in the picture but it still looks pretty


Bigger than I thought I love it haven’t tried it out yet but looks pretty


Looks so pretty haven’t used it yet


Love it had to buy another

It’s smaller than I thought but it looks cute it was wrapped up well ❤️ I haven’t used it yet but I know I’ll love it ❤️

Best bath pillow on the market! extremely comfortable, great quality.

Fabulous product!

Love the bath pillow, it makes having a longer bath much more comfortable than before. Even my teenage kids love it! The Bath caddy is very practical, looks great and is easy to use. Love the book stand and wine holder (who wouldn't!) A great Christmas gift to receive.

Bath pillow

I loved the bath pillow
It was supportive and secure and made my bath heavenly 😘

The bath pillow is a fantastic product! Really comfortable and easy to keep clean

Welcomed Christmas Gift

Definitely makes your bath even better, would not hesitate to recommend.

Absolutely great!

Wife loves it!!! Highly recommend.


This stuff is the best. Such a beautiful colour and deliciously smelling fragrance. Highly recommend!


Bought this for my girlfriend. She is very pleased. Smells and looks great.


I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister and my niece. They love it! They say it smells great and that you don't need much product each bath so it will last them a little while! My niece (2) loves it!

So Happy!

These are so lovely and all have such great scents! Makes me so excited to have a bath :)

Supreme Comfort

I bought my wife this bath pillow as a New Years gift. She absolutely loves it. Works so well that when she first used it she went to sleep in the bath..

Fantastic and so comfortable

A perfect purchase. Makes bath time so relaxing. So comfortable.

Amaze balls

Love love my pillow absolutely a 10/10
Fabulous purchase will definately be purchasing from this store again