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Hi They look amazing
Haven't used them as they are a gift for my Granddaughters Birthday in December

Bath pillow goodness

We love the bath pillow, it makes our baths so much more comfortable and relaxing. No regrets with this purchase!

Bathing bliss

Have a beautiful new tub but would end up with a sore head where I rested it on the edge of the bath. The bath pillow is quite comfortable and stops the pain and the bath caddy holds everything I need and more!! Love it


Great bundle I love the sponge!

Bath pillow is amazing!!

So comfy and so glad to be supporting a local company!

This is a must have!!! No mess easy to use and clean 😊😊

Charcoal Clay Mask

Outstanding! Really gets it deep, easy to apply and my skin turns out amazing. One of the best products 😍 #bestplacetobuyfaceandbathproductsEVER

Bath Caddy

Excellent product, well made, will recommend.

I love it

I am loving this bath pillow


Where has this been all my life!? It’s an ESSENTIAL in my books, Love!!

Pillow & bath caddy

Pillow is amazing so very comfy could almost sleep in the bath on those hot nights
Bath caddy I gave to my dearest miss Yoshi she loves it

Perfect relaxation

Love my new bath pillow! It’s taken bath relaxation to a whole new level. Comfy, easy maintenance.

Absolutely fabulous idea!

An absolutely fantastic idea with the pillow and caddy together! I find it a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day. I look forward to trying your Foaming Bath product also - thank you :)

Pink mask!

It is amazing my skin feels so much softer. I suffer from dry skin and it didn’t dry it out at all.

So comfortable!

I just love my new bath pillow. It takes my bath time to a new level as I can lean back and relax without slipping down under the water anymore. The neck support is super as well. You could fall asleep in the bath with this great product.

Relax, Unwind

I recently purchased this product, and wow I must tell you how many baths I took. I actively made the decision to stop showering completely. With other items from the bath box temptations pile I horde, this is now quite easily my most favourite time of day.

bath pillow

Enjoying the bath pillow only negative about it when its dry the neck roll is white and the back rest is orange yellow in colour.
Not sure if 2 different foam sponge are used when making


Pillow is very comfortable & the caddy is great quality!
Both perfect for a relaxing bath 🛁

She loved it

I am overseas and got this as a gift card for my niece because I know she loves bath bombs but wasn't sure which types she would like the most. I think gifting the shopping experience as well as the bath bombs made this gift perfect!

Love it

This bag is great. Saves me all the messy clean after a bath and the bag is easy clean.

Love it!!!

Such a good product. It’s working for oily skin.

Heat pillow

Just love it works well an smells amazing thanks guys really love all the products


I have tried so many things and my skin is finally starting to get under control! I’m so thankful for these products

Sooo refreshing!

The sponge feels really nice on my face. At first I wasn’t sure if it would be cleansing enough but I found I can ditch the soap and my abrasive, bacteria-filled face scrubber! My face has cleared up and my skin feels less stressed out. The bonus is that it’s not a plastic product and I can put it in the compost!
I just bought more for my sisters to try!

Hi they are great but size was to big my sister loves them now