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I love these products. Makes my daily routine easier


My face feels and looks clean. It has helped with my period acne. Stopping some before they get ugly and keeping some at bay. I love the masks gives you’re face a tingle and an extra boost.

Bath pillow bliss

OMG hands down the best bath pillow I have ever bought. It is so thick and comfortable, my only complaint is I’m sooooo relaxed I have to sit up slightly to enjoy my wine! I love it, you won’t be disappointed!

Loved it

Charcoal mask

Sooo easy to use , made my skin feel and look clean!! Love it!!!!

Great product

Colour and smell is amazing, relaxing touch to a bath.

Very nice to use in the bath

Gift for the wife

Loved it

Bath bombs crumble

Great product, love the colours it changes the water too and smells great! My daughter loves them!


Love it! Beautiful quality.


My skin is pretty inconsistent - dry one day, oily the next and even the occasional breakout. This mask not only makes my skin feel super soft and fresh, but helps with those random breakouts (I've been putting it on spots as they come up) and controls my oily days. Highly recommend!!!!

My daughter loves it!

I purchased this for my daughter and she loves it! Now she just wishes she had a full-length pillow so the whole bath was that comfy!

Bath Pillow and Caddy

The bath pillow is SO comfortable and also drys quickly too!
The caddy is adjustable which is excellent for different sized baths!
The caddy held my wine and Ipad safely of which helped contribute to the excellent bath!
Now I'm comfy.. I'll bath alot more often! Thank you Bath Box!


AMAZING!! That's the only word i can say about this product.
It really cleans everything. Spotless as if you cleaned your make up with a make up removals. Plus it's really easy to clean.
I'm gonna get more of this 🖤🖤🖤

Amazing 😍

So relaxing, my skin felt great and they smell so good! Followed by the best night sleep for this mama ❤️

Relaxing 😎

It’s pretty and it’s functional ☺️


I bought these products as my daughter had really bad acne. We had honestly tried everything to calm it and nothing seemed to work. This product is absolutely amazing!! Her acne is almost completely gone, she is in love with this product. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product

Bath bomb crumbles

Never have my kids ever got into the bath quicker, these are such a fun and exciting way to get them up and ready for school. Would highly recommend these for all.

Amazing products

I brought the bath bomb crumbles for a friend an for the house everyone loves them they are so relaxing

Amazing, makes my face feels so soft after I use it. 👌

Best Sleep of my Life!!

I love this eye pillow! I can’t count how many times I’ve fallen asleep with it on my face. The aroma it gives off is so calming

I love this combo! The scrub makes my face feel so so smooth and the mask feels very nice on the skin!

bath art to the max

Wow! The bath art in this baby was outstanding. Loved the colours and the fresh minty scent. Oh and the glitter!!! So cool.
Word of warning-- it did stain some of my skin, but this easily washed off with warm water and a scrub. Annoying, but well worth it

best bath bombs

my girls cant get enough of these bath bombs. they love the pink ones. keep up the good work.


The charcoal mask is good and few the others-not fan of the pink clay mask and few other ones-good box so can try them all and work out the ones that you like.