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What Our Customers Are saying

Sapphiroula uses GET SALTY scrub!

"It's always time to Get Salty before my photo shoots ... using Bath Box's handmade and natural salt scrub!" - @sapphiroula_

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Daisy loves to relax with FRENCH MOMENTS bath bomb!

"Relaxing in my tub with Bath Box's bath bomb - French Moments!" - @daisy_trace

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Claire uses CHARRED FACE mask!

"I'm in love with Charred Face! It makes my skin feel so smooth and clean after just 10 minutes!" - @clb_makeup

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Rachel uses CHARRED FACE mask!

"I absolutely love Bath Box's range of natural and vegan-friendly face masks, especially Charred Face!" - @rachelpereira2

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Britny uses GET OUT OF HERE!

"A well-needed weeknight pamper with Bath Box's Get Out of Here face mask. It smells absolutely amazing!" - @britnyellen

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Veronica uses DEJA VU body scrub!

"Deja Vu will scrub your tan off easily and leave your skin feeling smooth with a nice coffee smell!" - @veronicaoconnor_

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Amy uses BE NICE face mask!

"I love using the Be Nice face mask from Bath Box. It makes my skin feel super soft after taking it off. Thank you!" - @_ammy

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Samm loves relaxing with the SHE'S SOUR bath bomb!

"She's Sour smells amazing and has a gorgeous shimmer! I cannot wait to try the other bath bombs!" - @ellmers_samm

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Natalie & Her Friends use CHARRED FACE mask!

"I love all my Bath Box products and will be making new orders soon!" - @nat.faulkner

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