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7x Various Bath Products

#SLEEP includes seven various bath products that are targeted to helping you sleep better at night. This makes it a great choice for first-time customers or as a gift, since you can try a product from each of our best selling categories.

Ingredients: Please see each product page for the individual product ingredients.

How to Use 'Snoozy' Shower Steamer:

Simply place the shower steamer in the corner of the shower, on a soap rack, or shower caddy. While having a shower like normal, the shower steamer will react at a low level, slowly releasing its aromatherapy benefits in the shower. The shower steamer will last for 2 to 3 showers.

DO NOT place it directly under the running water.

DO NOT use the shower steamer in your bath.

DO NOT use the shower steamer directly on skin. 

The shower steamer is for shower use ONLY. It contains essential oils that are for aromatherapy benefits only, and not suitable for direct skin use.

How to Use 'Dream' Bubble Bath Bar:

Hold bubble bath bar under your tap and let the water run over it to create bubbles in your bath. Agitate your bath water (splash it around with your hands) to create even MORE bubbles.

If you put the bubble bath bar into your bath without running it under the tap, it won't create any bubbles!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Emma S.
Sleep and Relaxation

Great value pack to introduce yourself to the sleep Bath Box range. I enjoyed the sleepy salts and shut eye bath bomb.

Jason Astudillo

My partner enjoyed the gift

Benjamin Plunkett
Great products

Bought these for my partner and very impressed with the quality. she loved them.

Love love love

The bath pillow is so comfortable and I absolutely love the bath caddy.

Paula Gill
Absolute game changer!

This is an absolutely winner I bought the pillow and the mattress thing as well and it’s like bathing in a bed! I would highly recommend this product!!