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If you're ready to experience true bath luxury, you have come to the right place. Our #COMFORT bundle, containing both our Bath Caddy and Bath Pillow, is guaranteed to take your bath comfort to the next level.

While the Bath Caddy allows you to enjoy watching a movie or reading a book in the comfort of your bath, our Bath Pillow puts your body into relaxation mode with maximum comfort and support for your neck and shoulders.

Australian Bath Products
Australian Bath Products
Have the best bath ever by combining our pillow & caddy together!

  • Specific grooves for a wine glass, coffee mug, or other drink of choice.
  • Hold your book or tablet in place with the adjustable stand.
  • Adjustable arms extend to fit most bath tubs.
  • Strong bamboo frame holds the weight of laptops, dinner plates, drinks, and more!

  • Make bath time relaxing & comfortable.
  • Thick cushion that supports your neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Four powerful suction cups prevent slipping.
  • Anti-microbial mesh material is fast drying & resists mildew.

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Customer Reviews

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Sheree Dutton
absolute luxury

My order arrived whilst I was away for nine weeks. We arrived home early on Friday night. Before I'd even unpacked my cases I was drawing myself a bath! The perfect remedy after travelling all day! I felt so set up with all my face & body condiments at easy reach, a small vase of flowers i'd just picked, a scented candle flickering away, my iPad on catching up on my current series and of-course a glass of wine! What else can a girl ask for?? Five stars for my Bath Caddy & my ever so comfortable Bath Pillow..!

Alison Mitchinson
Perfect for relaxing

The pillow and caddy were purchased as a gift for my daughter who is expecting. She is suffering from lower back problems and having the headrest allows her to completing rest her neck/head and immerse herself in the bath. The caddy holds her candle, ipad and goodies. She was so thrilled with the gift.

Kathy Hughes
Just luving it!

Indulged myself over lockdown. Definitely worth it.

Juri Jung
Loving it

This combo improved quality of my bath!

Samantha Sparkes
Bathtime Luxury

I'm loving my combo of bath pillow & caddy. The pillow.ow is super comfortable & easy to dry with its cute little hook. Taking a soak has been so good now that I can read or watch a movie while enjoying a cuppa or a glass of bubbles at the same time. The caddy would fit most baths, it is easy to adjust. I'm very happy I ordered it.