Want to sleep better at night?

Try our exclusive bath range to relax and get you ready for bedtime.

Sleep Bath Salts

Bathe in Tranquility

  • Relax your mind & muscles with lavender essential oil.
  • Salts quickly dissolve into bath water for easy clean-up.
  • Stored in a reusable jar to preserve aromas.
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Sleep Bath Bomb

Herbal Lavender

  • Dried rose petals for added botanical benefits.
  • Creates a visually relaxing purple bath.
  • Herbal lavender blend of essential oils.
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Read our latest blog post to learn how our lavender essential oil bath range will help you sleep better at night!
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Bath Tranquility
Bedtime Soak
Lavender Bath Bomb
Sleep Shower Steamer
Lavender Bubble Bar
Lavender & Chamomile Bar

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