Our Mega Santa Gift Box is 14 products in 1 beautifully wrapped package!
All our Christmas gift boxes come with custom gift wrap! Simple & Sweet comes with adorable Santa wrapping with a red ribbon.
This is perfect for those bath times before bed because it contains key essential oils that are used to bring maximum relaxation and have you ready to doze off.
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With its hypnotising combination of warm bright colours, free your mind of stress, and improve your mood.
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Get ready for the most uplifting and mood-boosting aromas to enter your bathroom. Made specially for those days you are feeling a bit under the weather and need an evening "pick me up".
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We present you with the ultimate bath soak - a "party" for your skin - ParTea. Not only does this fizzy tablet look beautiful and smell amazing, but it also does WONDERS for your skin.
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Fresh and relaxing, French Moments is like a walk through a field of roses after a light rain. It's sweet and soft, and the floating rose petals are a beautiful addition. The bath art this bomb creates is also beautiful, producing a wonderful floral vibe with a mix of light colours - blue, pink, and yellow.
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Fall in love with this bath bomb's addicting sweet lavender scent. The raspberry pink colour, relaxing aroma, and explosive fizziness will leave you wanting more.
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A truly fruity and youthful inspiration for the name of this bath bomb could only be justified by the beautiful blue and purple colours, along with the sweet aroma of watermelon. This bath bomb is a hard one to resist!
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Experience serenity in your tub with the one-of-a-kind experience this bath bomb brings. Just fill up your tub, throw this bath bomb in, lay back, and relax!
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Beauty in the Dark is so beautiful on the outside, but dark and mysterious on the inside. With the unique blend of colours, you start off with the prettiest array of bright colours in your tub. However, very quickly they combine to turn the water a dark, rich blue. But the surprises don't stop there. With the special set of essential oils used in this bath bomb, the aroma is deep, sensual, and alluring.
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Refresh and hydrate your skin with the power of Australian pink clay, honey, and oats. Pink clay will gently draw dirt and impurities out of your skin, while honey and oats will nourish and hydrate.
Be Nice is gentle enough to be used three-four times a week!
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A truly refreshing face mask that is like nothing you have tried before. With fresh avocado, honey, and oats, the nutrients in this mask provide your skin with an overwhelming detox and cleanse.
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Try our signature green tea face mask for a quick refresh if you're struggling with dull or tired skin - especially after a long, tiring day. With a natural, powerful, and invigorating blend that is rich in anti-oxidants, it's specifically formulated to help your skin become clearer, softer, and more radiant than before!
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Our most energising, invigorating, and detoxifying bath soak available. Prepare to let the bright orange fizz and exotic aromas encapsulate your senses - taking over your mind and flowing through your body!
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Apply your face masks evenly, without getting your hands messy. Grab your exclusive Bath Box Face Mask Applicator today!
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