This is the story of how Bath Box became a multi-million dollar company from a “weekend” hobby started in a small, home kitchen.

No, it was not an overnight success story and yes, there were plenty of struggles (including the possibility of closing down), but along with COVID-19, the most unpredictable outbreak in the world, Bath Box grew into an online success.

Bath Box has situated themselves as ‘Australia’s Luxury Bath Brand’, bringing customers the ultimate bath experience in the comfort of their home, with some best-selling Australian favourites - their Bath Pillow, Bath Caddy, and unique Australian-made bath bomb collection.

With thousands of bath bomb formulas created and tested, they have landed on the right blend for the perfect bath bomb that smells great, does not sink, spins in the water, and most importantly of all, creates an abundance of foam, fizz and colour!

How did Bath Box start?

Bath Box unofficially started in 2017, when Hannah Pereira (Co-Founder) could not find the right skin care for herself at the local stores, and decided to make some for herself with a friend. This led to the creation of soap, face masks and other natural skin care and bath items.

Hannah Pereira, originally from New York USA, travelled across the world without anything but one suitcase to be with an Australian man she met in college. Unable to find a job she was passionate about in the first three years in Australia, she quickly fell in love with creating these skin care and bath products.

Some of her creations looked so great, that her now-husband, Ashton Jude (Co-Founder), took photos of them, made a website, and put them up for sale online.

Ashton Jude, a Melbourne local, had been starting businesses and running “side hustles'' since his teen years. Amassing plenty of business experience and eCommerce skills over these years, it was clear to him from early customer feedback and market demand that Bath Box had potential to be something big in the future.

As a few sales started to trickle in, Hannah and Ashton thought that this had some potential and decided to take the plunge by bringing onboard a close family member, Kimberley Pereira (Co-Founder) to help with the growth of the business.

Kimberley Pereira, also Melbourne local, had completed her Bachelor's degree at Monash University and was ready for her next move when Hannah and Ashton reached out to her. With many years of retail and customer service experience, she brought the missing element to the growth of the business.

Together, this family partnership has created and brought unique and comfortable bath products to tens of thousands of Australian households.

The early days at Bath Box:

Although Bath Box first started with a range of natural handmade soap, it was the release of their natural face mask range that helped the business start moving in the early days, especially the launch of their Charcoal Clay Mask, followed by one of Australia’s first Pink Clay Masks.

The team of three worked night after night, pulling all-nighters of hand-mixing and packaging products, as well as packing orders and driving multiple times a day to drop them off at the local post office. At this point, Bath Box was still so small that everything was made-to-order.

Flash forward one year and Bath Box trialled a pop-up shop at Westfield Southland. The results were mediocre but the team of three knew that they could reach many more people online, so they shifted all their time and energy on being the best online store - providing world-class service and a smooth customer experience, while maintaining a personal touch on every customer’s order.

How COVID-19 impacted Bath Box?

Bath Box listens to their customers, and always asks for feedback, promising to tweak their products until they are perfect. This has allowed them to create the products Australians are asking for. During 2020, these products were items to relax and essentially “bring the spa home”.

There was a gap in the market for bath comfort accessories and so, the team in Melbourne took the lead and started designing. They customised and tested the Bath Pillow and Bath Caddy numerous times to land the perfect ones that they are today.

Selling Australia’s most popular Bath Pillow and Bath Caddy during the pandemic and lockdowns was a huge success, with both products going viral on social media. They are so unique and at the time of launch, there was nothing like them around. It was exactly what Australians wanted and needed.