Oily Skin Care Routine

Oily Skin Care Routine

Oily skin and acne affect a number of us. Whether we be in our teens or older, it is a common skin concern that we all try and manage.

You may have spent a lot of dollars on items before that may have masked the issue or even made it worse, but what if there is something that can work? Something that doesn’t cost a fortune and not filled with hundreds of ingredients? Something that is affordable and good for your skin? Something that may actually help the problem?

Well, here at Bath Box we have specifically created a unique blend of clay masks that are designed for your skin type, not for everyone. And like Simone, if you too are also battling oily or acne prone skin, this may help. So, let’s take a look into Simone’s skin care routine for oily skin…

This step is important for cleaning and removing any dirt and other nasties that may be on your skin. Because when you have removed dead skin cells and other nasties from the surface of your skin, the face mask used in 'Step 2' can easy work its magic and be more effective, at cleaning deep within the pores as well as nourishing your skin.

Our Konjac Sponge is made from plant fibres and is 100% biodegradable. This means you can cleanse your skin without a list of chemicals and ingredients you may have never heard of before.

All you need is water and within seconds, your skin may begin to feel soft and hydrated. Cleansing has never been so quick, mess-free and simple!

Our uniquely blended Charcoal Clay Mask leads to an effortless application, whilst natural ingredients without the addition of fragrance means it may not irritate your skin. Just like Simone says, it is easy to apply and does not burn the skin, instead has a cooling sensation.

This mask is designed to help those who struggle with oily or acne prone skin as it detoxes and revitalises skin.

It works by using key ingredient activated charcoal, which deeply cleanses pores to help draw out any dirt, excess oils and impurities from the skin. All you need is 15 minutes, around 3-times a week and like Simone, you too will also notice a positive difference in your skin after removal.

Plus, the Mask Applicator makes applying the clay mask an ease and mess free too. It doesn't waste product and the silicon brush end is so quick to clean and ready for use again, helping to prevent the transfer of bacteria!

The Bath Box Face Towel makes face mask removal that much quicker, easier and mess free. The distinctive fibres of the towel help to catch and remove a dried face mask with just water.

All you have to do is wet the towel and watch it remove your mask whilst gently moving it all over your face. Once your face mask is removed, simply toss into the wash and it is ready to use again!

After applying any face mask, you should always want to keep your skin moisturised, as you want to prevent it from drying out and producing more oils. Because when your skin is dry, it tries to overcompensate by generating extra oils to keep your skin soft and nourished, making it look shiny and feel greasy.

Our Balancing Moisturiser here at Bath Box is such a light-weight formula that helps to keep your skin soft and moisturised at the same time as balancing oils. This can help reduce shine and keep your skin from producing excess oils.

Just like Simone says, it has a mattifying effect, preventing your skin from looking greasy. Therefore, it leaves your skin with a protective barrier that is nourished and ready for the day.

Try Simone's Oily Skin Care Routine TODAY (See Results Or Your Money Back!)

Remove Dirt & Other Nasties
Oily Skin Clay Mask
Mess Free Face Mask Removal
Oil-Balancing Moisturiser
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