5 Winter Skin Tips!

5 Winter Skin Tips!

Do you like winter?

More importantly, does your skin like winter?

If you answered “no” to the above questions, especially the second one, KEEP READING!
As you already know, winter is that time of year where chilly temperatures can cause a huge and unpredictable unbalance to the skin. Not just on the face, but body too. Dry, flaky, sometimes even cracked skin, that is also painful and itchy? Sound familiar?

So, what’s the best way to keep the skin healthy and hydrated during the cold months?

Firstly, if you didn’t know, the skin is the body’s largest organ and is known to be the barrier that keeps water inside of your body.

Unfortunately, in winter, when it’s cold and dry outside, it is much easier for water to evaporate off the skin’s surface without any difficulty and sadly for us, it’s faster than usual…

Leading to dry skin 🙁
Which brings us to our 5 tips…

1. Add Moisture to the Air (plus drink more water – bonus tip)

To prevent this, using a humidifier at home or work can help to add moisture back into the air – especially if you’re like me and known for cranking up the heater to full blast.

Also, another way to help prevent this loss of water, and a quick BONUS… is a common one and simply, drinking an extra glass or two of water a day, as this will help keep you hydrated.

2. Avoid VERY Hot Showers & Baths

You might have heard this one before, but taking hot showers and baths is something even I love since it keeps you nice and warm. However, it can dehydrate the skin, leading to cracks on the surface if moisturiser isn’t applied immediately.

This happens because hot water evaporates fast and if the skin isn’t moisturised instantly, cracks in the skin can allow for nerves to be exposed to air, resulting in what may feel like paper cuts and eczema, or what you may know it as, ‘winter’s itch’.

3. Dry Skin Completely Before Going Out

Many of you may tend to wash your hands and walk outside before drying them. Whether it be from the bathroom, doing the dishes, or after taking out the rubbish, we all tend to walk out with half-dry hands and that is not good at all.

Why? You may ask, it’s because your hands are going to chap more frequently and stay dry. Just like your lips. Have you ever noticed that when they’re cracked and you lick them, it just makes the problem worse rather than better?

4. Using Products that are Gentle on the Skin

A lot of products on the market today can be quite harsh on the skin and instead of rebalancing oils and keeping skin moisturised, they can strip all of the good oils away, leaving your skin worse than what you began with.

That is why we highly recommend using products that are as natural as possible and target your specific skin type. This way, you will be using products that are gentle on your skin as well as helping tackle any of your skin issues. For example, acne prone, oily, dry, sensitive, combination, etc.

5. Moisturise More!

This one is quite an obvious one but moisturising is key for soft hydrated skin all through the winter months, even all year long.

Lathering your body in moisturiser twice a day, whether it be in the morning or before bed, but definitely after a shower or bath, will help to keep your skin nice and smooth.

Also, before applying moisturiser, if you feel your skin may need the extra hydration, apply oil. Oil can really help to further moisturise your skin.

There are a wide variety of oils and ones that are specific for the face and body. A great body oil is coconut oil. It is known for being hydrating and keeping skin soft and smooth.

BONUS TIP: To help lock-in moisture, apply a body oil before stepping into a warm bath. This can act as a barrier between your skin and the hot water, reducing your skin from drying out.

For the face, oils such as rosehip, tea tree and jojoba are great to keep the skin moisturised. Plus, they are also easier on the skin if you tend to be oily or acne prone.

A common mistake that most people make, and I’ll admit I’ve done it before, is buy lotion, as it comes in a pump-bottle and is easy to use. However, lotions aren’t as moisturising or as thick as a cream, which is why creams are great for the winter months over lotions.
In regards to the face, creams can sometimes be quite heavy. So firstly, NEVER use body products on the face. And secondly, it’s very important to understand your skin and find a face product that is suited for your skin type. As a moisturiser too thick can potentially clog your pores and lead to a breakout, while one too thin, not moisturise the skin completely, leaving it dry throughout the day.

When deciding on a moisturiser, for both the face and body, it is always good idea to choose something that has no fragrance in it. The reason behind this is because most fragrances can cause skin irritation as well as dry out the skin.

I hope these tips above help keep your skin hydrated and soft during the cold months and if you ever have any questions feel free to send us a message or email any time 🙂

If you wanted to look at some natural, fragrance free face moisturisers, click here.

And lastly, don’t forget to stay nice & warm this winter!

Kim xx
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