Why You MUST Have A Skincare Routine!

Why You MUST Have A Skincare Routine!

Do you ever have great skin one day and then the complete opposite the next day?

If you answered yes to this question then I have the solution for you…


Why you need a skincare routine?

If you ever struggle with your skin, you will know the constant battle of having good skin days, great skin days and the worst of them all, bad skin days.

This is a constant battle I had for a while and sometimes when I get lazy and forget to do something, such as take my makeup off, my skin would just break out, or not moisturising daily would cause it to go dry, and so forth. If you can relate, this post is for you…

But ever since I have been taking daily care of my skin, I have noticed a huge change in the way it is looking and moving past the surface, it’s making me feel great and bringing my confidence back, which is why I had to share it with you!

Why a skincare routine is important?

Let’s divide your routine into day and night and start with night.

You may ask, why is that? And the reason is, while you are sleeping, your skin is repairing itself.

Also, isn’t it great to not have to do anything for eight hours or so and wake up with soft, supple skin in the morning?

Well, it doesn’t just happen like that… I wish though! Before bed it is important to make sure your skin is cleansed. By this, I mean entirely clean of makeup, dirt and excess oils.

Here at Bath Box, we have made that pretty easy with our makeup remover and cleansers.
Our makeup remover is suitable for all skin types and works with just water. Making it not just effective, but also quick and easy to use.

We have two cleansers at Bath Box, one being Coconut and one Tea Tree.

What’s the Difference?

Coconut Cleanser

As it’s in the name, it’s easy to work out \hat this a coconut-based cleanser. Based on this, you may already work out that it’s going to be super moisturising and hydrating for skin.

This is the cleanser for you if your skin is prone to dryness. It is made with natural ingredients and is fragrance-free, meaning you can gently cleanse without irritating your skin. More importantly, your skin will feel hydrated, soft and moisturised after use.
Tea Tree Cleanser

As it’s in the name, it’s easy to work out that this a tea tree-based cleanser. Based on this, you may already work out that it’s going to be targeted towards combination and oily skin.

This is the cleanser for you if your skin is a mix of normal to oily and prone to acne. It too is made with natural ingredients and is fragrance-free, meaning you can gently cleanse without irritating your skin. More importantly, your skin will feel fresh, cleansed and smooth after use. Over time, you will notice that it feels re-balanced, even and clearer with daily use.
Cleanser Brushes

But it doesn’t end there. Cleansing gets deeper with our specially designed cleanser brushes. These brushes are not like any other brushes you may have used before. They are soft and gentle on your skin, making them suitable for all skin types. It is hard to see from a photo, but I guarantee that if you tried one of these you would know exactly what I am talking about.

Not only is it soft, but it has a dual end. The soft bristle end has special grooves that allow for the cleanser to get deep into the skin and draw out impurities, whilst also helping lather your cleanse

The other end of the brush is a moderate silicon head, which allows you to smoothly exfoliate your skin without scratching or making it red.

With these brushes, a little does go a long way, making your cleanser last longer than what you find when applying it by fingertips. Also, with this method, your hands don’t get messy, which is my favourite part!

How to use your cleanser brush with your cleanser?

I use this amazing tool by firstly lathering my product and cleaning my face using the soft bristle end and then swapping over on any target areas such as acne spots, or areas that are more prone to excess oil. For me this is my forehead, chin and sometimes cheeks.

Now that you have cleansed, what do you do?

Sorry to say it, but your skincare routine hasn’t ended by just cleansing. Now, it is time for one of the most important parts…


What moisturiser do I use?

We all know that one moisturiser doesn’t fit all and that is why here at Bath Box, we have designed two specific ones. One is designed to Hydrate and the other to Balance.

Hydration Moisturiser

Just like our cleansers, you can probably tell what our moisturisers are going to do, and this one is clearly to hydrate your skin. It contains key ingredients avocado and argan oil. This is a very nourishing combination of ingredients that will have your skin feeling moisturised and soft, making it perfect for those with dry skin or are prone to dryness.
Same as above, it’s very obvious what this moisturiser is going to do and that is help balance your skin. Making it ideal for those with combination or oily skin. With fundamental ingredients such as jojoba and vitamin E oil, know that your skin will be deeply moisturised without clogging your pores.
Now that we have finished cleansing and moisturising, guess what? It’s time for bed!

It’s morning time, what do you do now?

Firstly, it’s time to wake up. How does your skin feel? Soft? Smooth? Hydrated?

I think so… How do I know? Because this is my routine!

Now that you are wide awake and getting ready for you day, I use our facial konjac sponge.

This sponge is full of vitamins and minerals. Plus, it only uses water and lightly cleanses your skin of any dirt or impurities whilst hydrating it at the same time.
The difference between cleansing in the night and in the morning, is that we do a deep cleanse before bed so when you wake up, your skin is already prepped for the day.

The konjac sponge comes in handy because it takes only a minute to use and whilst tossing and turning in our sleep, our eye-looking clean pillowcase might have hair, oil, sweat, and dirt transferred onto it. Which is a reason why we should change them regularly.

After using your konjac sponge you will find that your skin is feel smooth, hydrated and fresh. And the best part, it didn’t take very long to do!

Personally, I find that my makeup just glides on after using this sponge and my skin has never looked better, so I am sure you will love it too.

So, there you have it, that is basically my daily skincare routine and now you know my secret! But in all honesty, sticking a regular routine like this has never made my skin look better.

Is there anything more I can do?

Yes, there is! And I do this a couple of times a week and that is face mask.

A face mask is something that you can add into your skincare routine to help target any specific skin concerns, for a relaxing spa day at home or just some extra TLC.

We have a huge collection of face masks but depending on your skin type, that will help to determine which ones you may use.
We already have a routine set for both oily & dry skin that comes with 2x face masks, 1x cleanser, 1x moisturiser, 1x face mask applicator and 1x cleanser brush.
On top of this, we have a deluxe routine set for both oily & dry skin that comes with all of the above and 1x makeup remover, 1x facial konjac sponge and 1x facial towel.
I hope that you found this post useful and feel free to comment below your favourite Bath Box products 😀

P.S. Don’t forget a skincare routine is important for clear, healthy skin!

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