I Have Dry Skin? What Can I Do?

I Have Dry Skin? What Can I Do?

Does you struggle with skin that is…

  • Dull & lifeless?
  • Feeling rough?
  • Feeling tight?
  • Has fine lines or even cracks in it?
  • Looking scaly or flaky?
  • Extremely itchy?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it is more than likely that your skin is DRY!

Dry skin affects men and women equally and as you age, your skin tends to produce less amounts of oils naturally. As a result, mature skin tends to be more prone to dryness.

How does dry skin occur?

Dry skin happens when your skin is not retaining sufficient moisture, and is more than often caused by a lack of water in the top, most noticeable layer of your skin, the epidermis.

So what do I do?

This is a very common question and whilst many think heavily applying moisturiser multiple times a day or cold showers is the answer, we have created an even fun, easier and relaxing way by using face masks.

Here at Bath Box, we have specifically created products to target certain skin issues, and in this case, it is dry skin.

Did you know?

Chocolate isn’t just heavenly to eat and helpful at improving mood, but also a perfect way to treat dehydrated skin when applied.

Since it is full of antioxidants, it helps to repair, rejuvenate and deeply moisturise your skin, as well as add a nourishing glow.

Based on this, we have created our most intense moisturising mask product called ‘Chocolate Clay Mask’.
This clay mask applied at least 3x a week will help to keep skin moisturised and soft. As well as help to reduce flakiness and dry patches on your skin.

But if you’re like me and feel that you may need even more nourishment, especially from this cold winter we have had, I would highly recommend our ‘Moisturise Set’, which also includes our best selling ‘Pink Clay Mask‘.

These two masks used as a pair are the ultimate moisturising and hydrating combo you will find.
As you are most likely already aware, Aussie Pink Clay is very popular and currently, all over the media. But let me tell you, we have been using Australian Pink Clay since Bath Box first opened!

It is an amazing ingredient and one of the gentlest clays out there. It has restorative properties and is perfect for those with dry skin that is prone to irritation.

More importantly, it doesn’t remove the skins natural oils, also making it perfect for those with tight, dehydrated skin. Instead, it replenishes moisture and nourishes skin with natural minerals to help retain moisture.
Both of these masks used multiple times weekly will leave your skin feeling soft and supple in minutes.

Not only this, but also help soothe and clam your skin, because we all know that dry skin feels tight, itchy and irritated. Even with all that in mind, these products are so gentle on your skin and will help to reduce the above list, instead of add to it or worsen it!

If you are going to use both of these face masks, I would recommend applying both, the Chocolate Clay Mask and Aussie Pink Clay Mask twice a week or, however many times you feel it is benefiting your skin.

Please remember times applied and results vary person-to-person. What works for someone else’s skin may not necessarily work for you, so it is very important to listen to and understand your skin.
If you want to know more information or are unsure if our ‘Chocolate Clay Mask’ is right for you, below are some FAQ:

Q: I have sensitive skin, will this chocolate mask be too harsh for my skin?

A: No, our chocolate mask was formulated to soothe dry, flaky and sensitive skin. And all of our masks are packed full of natural ingredients, making them perfect for sensitive skin.

Q: My skin can be dry and flaky, but I also struggle with acne. Is this mask still suitable for my skin type?

A: Our chocolate mask is formulated to provide intense moisture for ‘normal’ to dry skin. If you’re looking for a moisturising mask, but your skin is acne-prone or you struggle with clogged pores, our Aussie Pink Clay Mask or fresh Avocado Clay Mask will be a better fit for your skin type.
If you want to know more information or are unsure if our ‘Aussie Pink Clay Mask’ is right for you, below are some FAQ:

Q: I have sensitive skin, will this pink clay mask be too harsh for my skin?

A: No, Australian pink clay is ideal for those with dry or sensitive skin, as it helps reduce inflammation and irritation by soothing your skin and restoring moisture.

Q: I have dry skin and face masks often make my skin worse. Will this mask be the same as others I have tried?

A: No, this face mask is specially formulated with dry skin in mind. Australian pink clay gently cleanses impurities, while restoring moisture to dry and dull skin.


To lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated even after removing your face mask, use a moisturiser.

Try our Hydration Moisturiser which can help keep skin soft and smooth using the nourishing benefits of avocado and argan oil.
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