Face Masks For Mature & Ageing Skin

Face Masks For Mature & Ageing Skin

There is no age limit to face masking and one of our favourite masks loved by thousands of Australians is our Aussie Pink Clay Mask.

This mask has so many benefits and can be used by all ages. With a mask that offers intense hydration, what is there not to love?

As we start to age, and our skin matures, you may notice that it is no longer as firm as it once was and it is starting to look dull and feel dry. Not to worry, this is completely normal.

Unlike when we were in our teens, your skin is not producing excess oils, let alone as much as you may need, resulting in most cases your skin being prone to dryness.

When your skin is dry, it not only looks tired and dull but ages you!


Because it makes the appearance if fine lines and wrinkles look more noticeable than what they already are. But before you freak out, you may want to give Aussie Pink Clay a chance.
Australian Pink Clay is referred to as the gentlest of clays, making it perfect if you have sensitive skin. Not only this, but unlike most other clays, Pink Clay does not remove your skin’s naturally produced oils, instead it helps to hydrate and nourish your skin with the help of all its natural minerals.

Rich in minerals such as Silica, Pink Clay helps gently cleanse skin and draw out impurities at the same time as restoring and replenishing skin with moisture. More importantly, it helps to calm your skin and soothe any irritation.

Pink Clay also helps promote healthy cell renewal, which may lead to improved skin elasticity for soft, supple and younger looking skin. Along with all of the above benefits, it can help in the reduction of blackheads and boost a radiant, balanced complexion.

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