Artificial Fragrances & Skin Care | Fake Scents Are Cruel To Animals

Artificial Fragrances & Skin Care | Fake Scents Are Cruel To Animals

Everyone loves to feel and smell good. Whether it is the first grown-up perfume you ever bought, a long-time personal favourite body lotion, or a new fruity-scented face mask, it is hard to turn away. But what if the products that were making you smell good, weren’t good for your body?

Artificial fragrances in skincare products have been a major problem in the industry for decades. Thanks to the internet, these days more information is becoming available to the public about what they are putting in and on their bodies. This means product providers are in the spotlight. Navigating the information can be overwhelming, so our team here at Bath Box is here to help.

History (don’t worry, we’ll be quick, and there are no quizzes :P)

Centuries ago, a group of people decided to capture or replicate some of the most beautiful aromas found in nature. They were predominately floral and fruity. These days, artificial fragrances are in everything from laundry detergent, to scented candles, and of course skincare products.

Filled with chemicals – some of which are unpronounceable or even left unlisted – artificial fragrances have been reported to cause headaches, rashes, breathing difficulties, dermatitis, and sometimes more severe reactions.

With reports of allergies and sensitivities rising, we decided to make a change and an affordable – and healthy – alternative.

Fast Facts

It can feel like it takes a scientist to understand the complexities of the chemicals in the products we use. For the most part, we blindly believe proper testing has been done and accept it for what we are told it is.

  • Despite some intervention by the government to regulate the use of artificial fragrances in products, most items on the shelves are still filled with them.
  • Artificial fragrances are predominately used to cover the often unpleasant smell of ingredients in the product.
  • Some of these chemical ingredients have been reported to be known carcinogens, and can cause birth defects and organ damage. In fact, almost 95% of the ingredients are derived from petrochemicals (bad stuff).
  • Hair products that use artificial fragrances are more likely to dry out your hair and cause damage to the roots and ends. This is due to the alcohol in their composition.
  • The fragrance ingredients can come from petroleum or from natural products – with both still able to cause irritation.
  • Products do not always have to list their ingredients if they claim it will disclose their ‘trade secrets’. Though protecting the company, it puts consumers at risk. Companies simply need to list ‘fragrance’ as an ingredient, and they can virtually put in whatever they like.
  • Some perfumes contain animal excretions – yuk!
  • Many perfumes and similar products are still tested on animals. So not only are they bad for your health, but they are bad for our animal friends, and the environment. Peta has released a list of well-known brands doing this big no-no, and they include: Avon, Clinique, Maybelline, and even Victoria Secret.
  • Even if you don’t see or feel a negative reaction to a product with artificial fragrance, it can still be disrupting your body on the inside. Problems on top and under your skin can occur slowly and build-up.

Animal Cruelty

Unfortunately, some skincare and other beauty products are still tested on animals, despite overwhelming public outcry and obvious ethical problems. A number of big-name brands are guilty of this, though you may not always know which ones. While the brands themselves may proclaim they do not participate in this practice, for those that sell into China, it is a law that imported beauty products be first tested on animals.

How do they test on the animals? Products are primarily tested on mice, bunnies, and guinea pigs. The truth about these practices are truly disturbing and is not something these vulnerable creatures should be suffering. Methods of testing include the dropping of chemicals in eyes, down throats, and on shaved skin. These are repeated, sometimes for months, with researchers seeing what reactions could be experienced by future customers. There are no pain relievers permitted, and we can only imagine the terror and agony that many companies exhibit, despite there being other options.

What about ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ products?

Many who want to avoid artificial fragrances in their skincare products still end up falling into the trap of buying ‘organic’ and ‘natural’. While these products can be better than the alternative, many do still contain artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin and cause a reaction – since all it takes is just one ingredient.

‘Scent free’ and ‘fragrance free’

You have probably seen products stating ‘scent free’ or ‘fragrance free’ and asked yourself if they are the same?

When various chemicals are mixed together, the smell is often unpleasant, and definitely not something that you would want to put on your body. Scent free products mean companies can cover or add fragrances in order to mask the smell of the chemicals. Though technically it is not fragranced, a lot of the ingredient additions are the same.

Fragrance free is when no scents or masking agents have been used. This is much better for your health and skin, and the labels tell you everything you need to know about what is in the tube or jar.

What about Australia?

Unfortunately, skincare products with these harmful chemicals can be found on the shelves of our local grocery stores, with fragrances containing anywhere from 100 to 350 chemicals. The Australian government has yet to classify these chemicals – some of which are known carcinogens – as hazardous, so there is no way to stop them being used. It is up to all of us to spread the word and make a change.

In today’s world, it can be very difficult to refrain from using artificial fragrances and chemicals, since natural alternatives are not readily available or are very costly. At Bath Box we do a lot of research into finding natural ingredients or safer alternatives. As we try to provide our customers with only the very best.

We are proud to say all our face masks, scrubs, cleansers and moisturisers are artificial fragrance free and contain only essential oils. 90% of our bath bombs are artificial fragrance free, with only two bath bombs as an exception. However, these artificial fragrances are sourced from companies that stand by a strict cruelty free policy along with a full list of ingredients, leaving us feeling comfortable in adding these to our bath bombs. One day, we hope to achieve an artificial free company. But unfortunately, coconut is not a essential oil 🙁

So what skincare products should you look to purchase? Though tempting, when dealing with your skin and health, it is best to choose products that are fragrance free. Here at Bath Box, we are very excited about our recently-launched facial cleansers and moisturisers which are fragrance free and feel oh so good to use. By being open and honest with our customers, you can be sure all of our items are handmade, cruelty-free, good for you, and full of love!

Kim xx
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