#SkinSesh EP 17: Is This Your New Makeup Remover?

#SkinSesh EP 17: Is This Your New Makeup Remover?

Are you looking for a quicker and easier alternative to remove your makeup?

If you answered YES, then this may be the perfect product for you!
While we may love wearing makeup, our skin may not and that is why we have to remember to remove it before bed.

While you are sleeping, your skin is repairing itself from the day and when you forget to remove your makeup or still have some residue left over, this process can be affected as your skin isn’t able to breathe.

As a result of leaving your makeup on overnight you may find your pores clogged, causing breakouts of acne & blackheads. This is often than not because most makeup products are made from oil substances.

Not to worry, here at Bath Box we have worked really hard to find a solution for you that won’t end in a mountain high stack of used makeup wipes, a collection of makeup removers, cleansers and waters on your bathroom sink, or even having to scrub your face dry.

Yes, that is correct, it is none of the above… What a relief!

Our Bath Box Makeup Remover is a puff that has been specifically designed to remove makeup with just water. Yes, you heard that right. I repeat, just water.

Once the water is added, the fine fibres of the puff help to gently grab the makeup within seconds. And within a few minutes of swiping the puff along your face, you will notice not only a makeup free face but also a makeup full puff.

The best part, this puff can easy wash to new with just soap and water! But if you’re a little lazy like me, you can just throw it in the wash.

Each makeup remover puff lasts for up to 200 uses making them so much more environmentally friendly than most makeup wipes and cotton pads.

In the video above, view others thoughts about the product as well as Elodie try the Bath Box Makeup Remover for the very first time!

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Try Our Makeup Remover TODAY (See Results Or Your Money Back!)

The FASTEST Way to Remove Makeup!
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