Everything You Need to Know About Bath Dust

Everything You Need to Know About Bath Dust

What Is Bath Dust?

In simple terms, Bath Dust is basically the powder of a bath bomb. It is made in a very similar way to how a bath bomb is made minus the step of shaping.

How Does Bath Dust Differ From A Bath Bomb?

Bath Dust differs from a bath bomb because you get a variety of three different colours (although some bath bombs have this too) and get to see an instant explosion of colour in your tub.

The reason for this is because unlike a tightly packed bath bomb, Bath Dust has a very large surface area. This means every particle can react in the water instantaneously.

Plus, the best part of Bath Dust is you can add as much or as little powder as you want and you know what that means, each bag lasts you multiple baths and you are in-charge of how much you use.

Does Bath Dust Create Bath Art?

Yes, it does. Bath Dust creates amazing bath art and the best part is you can also be an artist and create your very own designs in the tub.

Once the powders are added into your bath, use your finger like a pen and mix together the colours to create your very own art.

Is Bath Dust Hard To Clean?

No, it is not. Just the opposite! Simply unplug your tub and watch as the coloured water goes down the drain. Once all the water has been drained, rinse your bath to remove any left over residues.

Does Bath Dust Stain Your Tub?

No, it does not. We have carefully formulated our Bath Dust and use water soluble dyes where we can. In the case that there is a slight colour residue left over, please do not worry as this will come out over time in the bath or with a bit of detergent.

What Type Of Dyes Do You Use?

The dyes we use are water soluble, drug and cosmetic safe, and sometimes food grade. We also use biodegradable glitter. You can alway find out more information about the dyes we use on our website.
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