Wall Backdrop for Under $50

Wall Backdrop for Under $50

Have you wanted to create a backdrop for photos or videos but the cost is astronomical to buy a flower wall or to even create your own? Well, look no further then this wall I created for under $50.00, $49.50 to be exact!
There isn’t much to this marvellous creation besides being my new go-to video backdrop, but with only 3 items, I am sure it will be your new favourite. Plus, all of this can be you can be purchased at your local Kmart store, yes you heard that right, Kmart. The one stop shop that has everything you need at an affordable price.
First thing first, is the Artificial Ivy Leaf Trellis from Kmart. This is approximately 2 metres by 1 metre and retails for $35.
The second thing is a box of Curtain String Lights with 102 fairy LED lights at 2.5 metres long. This retails for $8 at Kmart.
Lastly, to put it all together, Round Cord Command Hooks which retails for $6.50 a packet at Kmart. The reason I chose these hooks is because they claim to have a strong hold and are easy to remove if I choose to move this backdrop in the future.
1. Open lattice to desired length and add a hook to each top corner.

2. You will need a second person to help with this. Once the hooks are added, with the second person, hold the lattice up to the desired place on the wall and one person remove the sticky part of the hook and securely stick down on the wall. Once this is done the person who was stuck their side down can step back and help the other person line their side up with theirs and stick it down.

3. Once both corners are firmly stuck down, take the remaining hooks and securely stick them around the lattice to make it strong and well-secured to the wall.

4. Last but not least, add the fairy lights to the top section by weaving it through the lattice across ways, leaving the icicles to hang and then weaving them through downwards.

5. Add batteries to the lights and secure the light battery pack with a hook that is connected to the lattice.

And that's it!
If you wanted to make it more secure, you can add more hooks or brackets to the backdrop. Also, if you wanted to make it larger, you can put two of these trellis's together to create a full wall that you should be able to stand against for full portrait photos.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not sponsored by Kmart by any means and is just an affordable hack that had to be shared, especially for those who are also trying to create a backdrop that does not cost a fortune.

Hope you enjoyed this post,
Kim xx
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