5 Top Secret Santa Gifts

5 Top Secret Santa Gifts

Shopping for presents isn’t always easy and sometimes if you have a Secret Santa it can be even more difficult, especially if you don’t know them very well or what they want this year. Not to worry, we have got you covered with 5 Top Secret Santa Gifts that you can give to that person you picked out of a hat!

1. Bath Pillow

This is a must have product for every bath lover and if you know one, I am sure they will love this as a Christmas present. Now, bath time can be even more comfortable and relaxing than ever before. Using the Bath Box Bath Pillow, you can now lay-back on a thick cushion that will help support your neck, shoulders and back. There are also four powerful suction cups to help secure the pillow onto your tub and prevent slipping. And if you are wondering about the fabric, it is an anti-microbial mesh material that is fast drying and resists mildew.
Make Bath Time More Comfortable & Relaxing
All Your Daily Favourites

2. Essentials Set

This set right here is one of my favourites and contains all my go-to products that I use daily. It is filled with the konjac facial sponge, konjac body sponge, makeup remover puff, cleanser brush and face mask applicator. These 5 essential Bath Box accessories will help to deeply clean and improve your skin. Whether a newbie to skincare or someone that has always had a love for it, these products are a great present for your Secret Santa this year.

3. Oily or Dry Skin Routine

These two routines are the perfect gift for anyone that is wanting to try skin care products or is currently struggling dry, oily, or acne prone skin. Both these routines are designed to help with whatever skin concerns one may have. For example: If you know someone with dry, flaky or dehydrated skin, this is the set for them. Vice versa, if you know someone who struggles with an oily T-zone and/or acne, our Oily Skin Routine is for them. Both these routines come with everything you need to kick start your journey for healthier skin this New Year and contains two masks, cleanser, moisturiser, plus, mask applicator and cleanser brush.
Must-Haves For Those With Dry Skin
Perfect For Those With Oily & Acne Prone Skin

4. Bath Caddy

If you are wanting to spoil your Secret Santa this year, look no further than the Bath Box Bath Caddy. This Bath Caddy is unlike any other Bath Caddy you have seen before. Made with bamboo and designed to fit most tubs, your new bathroom accessory is going to make your life that much easier and convenient. While relaxing in the bath, enjoy watching your favourite TV show or reading a book, all at the same time of indulging in a glass of wine, a cup of coffee coffee, or any beverage of your choice. Plus, a bowl of strawberries, maybe some chocolate and other snacks, all there, at the tips of your fingers… Well, don’t let me stop you there, the possibilities with this amazing Bath Caddy are endless and with it all wrapped up, you will be a winner with this pressie under the tree.
Bath Time Convenience
Bath Fun Fun For Everyone

5. Mega Dust Bundle

The Mega Dust Bundle is loved by thousands and has been flying off our shelves since it has been launched. Why? Because they are fun for all ages and can last up to 4 baths, maybe even more! If you know someone who loves baths, colour, foam and fizz, then this is the product for you to wrap-up and gift. These colourful bath dusts are made with essential oils, with each bag having their own unique aroma. With the choice of 6, they will surely find their favourite or if you want to share it around, you can! Whether it be 1, 2, 3 or how many you want to give, I am sure whoever receives it will absolutely love them and make bath time a regular thing if it is not already!
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