5 Shower Tips Everyone Should Know!

5 Shower Tips Everyone Should Know!

Below are 5 tips that might come as a surprise to you or recap some of the things you already know in the shower!

1. Loofas contain large amounts of bacteria.

It might not that sound surprising to some but when you are washing your body with the same bacteria-full sponge daily, it does start to sound a little gross. That is why I’d recommend using wash cloths which too are easy to lather with soap and exfoliate skin in a similar way. Plus, they are reusable! As they can be washed after every shower and are clean for every use to follow. If you are still a big fan of the loofa, no need to worry, after every shower just wash or soak for a few minutes in an anti-bacterial solution, followed by air-drying in a cool place, and remember to change regularly.

2. Towels contain large amounts of bacteria.

Just like loofahs, towels also contain lots of bacteria. Especially when they are still wet and have not completely dried before re-use. That is why I prefer to use a new towel. I have long, thick air my towel is always left soaking wet and still damp the next day when I need to use it. Not to worry though, after drying yourself, don’t leave the wet towel on the floor, thrown on the bed or bunched together, instead hang-up in a cool, dry place to fully dry before your next use. Just remember to regularly change it and not reuse when wet as bacteria grow in moisture.

3. Pat dry, not rub.

We have all made this mistake, including myself. If you’re anything like me and do suffer with dry skin this is one way to prevent flakiness first thing out of the shower. And my second, bonus tip to add to that is moisturise. That is honestly my secret for smooth skin all year long. After every shower, I always moisturise my face and body. This was something I learnt as a child from my grandmother and is definitely something I will continue.

4. Cooler showers prevent skin from drying out.

I love hot showers, like come on, who doesn’t? Unfortunately, it does dry out your skin. I can say this firsthand as it always happens to me on cold, winter days. I also find that my skin gets too dry that it begins to itch. That’s why I’ve learnt my lesson and started taking cooler showers. Personally, I have found it helped me with my skin drying out and hope it helps you too!

5. End your shower with a cool blast.

I absolutely love this as it wakes me up on a sleepy morning! More importantly, ending your shower with a few seconds of cold water increases alertness, improves circulation, refines hair and skin, reduces stress, improves immunity, speeds up muscle recovery, and more. Definitely give it ago if you haven’t already and see how you like it!
Hope these tips offer some valuable information and if there are any shower tips you recommend I’d love to hear about them!

Kim xoxo
Product Specialist
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