The Importance of Conscious Shopping

The Importance of Conscious Shopping

Buying things is fun, no one will argue that. Especially this time of year, we are buying so many gifts for Christmas, outfits for the holiday celebrations, maybe you’re even treating yourself for working hard all year - there is no problem with that!

My message to you is to is to shop consciously, to make sure you are supporting businesses that are taking a step in the right direction.

The truth

The truth is, there are so many brands out there and large manufacturers who make all of their money by exploiting their workers, paying them minimum wage (as little as 10c an hour!), employing child labourers, abusing animals, and so many more unmentionable extremities.

Something that may look like a great product on the outside, can come from a terrible place that has caused a large amount of pain for someone else, or the environment.

Have you ever heard about the mutations and illnesses in India caused by all of the polluted water from clothes dying and manufacturing?

The water is toxic, the people who work 14 hours a day are so poor, they have no choice but to drink it. It is so hard to believe that we still live in a world where these problems are so current, but not spoken about.
Conscious Shopping

What you can do

You will be doing the world a favour by putting in that little extra effort to shop consciously, and proudly.

Find out where you are shopping and where it comes from. Locally made products are always best, as working conditions can be easily monitored and audited, and the workers will get a fair wage.

Shop brands that are cruelty-free, because we live in a world now where animals don’t need to be harmed for our benefit. We love our pets, so by buying cruelty-free, vegan products, you are helping another furry/feathery being survive.
Conscious Shopping

What to look for in a brand

When reaching out to find your guide of ethical brands, look for the ones who are honest about where their product comes from.

Transparency is key for all brands who are eco-conscious, and they are happy to share where and how their products are made if they have nothing to hide.

Scout out some small businesses too as supporting them over large retailers can help the world to become more eco-conscious.
Conscious Shopping
So over the holidays, I urge you to understand where your clothing, beauty products, any purchase you make, comes from.

One person can make more of a difference than you think.

Your conscience and the world, will thank you for it.

Love always,

Rosa Rosa The Label - PETA Approved Vegan Clothing brand, designed and made in Melbourne.
Rosa Rosa The Label
Guest post written by Designer & Founder at Rosa Rosa The Label - Christina Hewawissa

Instagram - @rosarosathelabel
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