Self Care This Cold & Flu Season

Self Care This Cold & Flu Season

We hope you had a great week! We have been so sick this week, and we are trying to recover. With the cold and flu season approaching, it’s very important to take time for yourself so you don’t wear out.

We wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of taking time out of our busy schedule to care for our minds and bodies, as this can be a very stressful time of year. We know this can be hard to set aside time, but here are a few easy tips that you can instil in your everyday life, to help and reduce your stress.


Try and develop a regular sleep pattern, as being alert during your day can allow you to be more productive.


If you find yourself sick during this cold & flu season, take your sick leave. I know this is easier said than done as work demands can be difficult to manage, but you are not at your best self when you’re really under the weather. Take a day to relax and rest, so that you can start feeling better quickly.


Engage in a non-work hobby. This doesn’t even have to take a lot of time. You can spend just 30 minutes a day or an hour every two days to do something that makes you happy. For example going to the gym, taking a walk, spending time with your children, walking your favourite program on TV ect.


Share your thoughts and concerns with a friend, family member, or trusted person. Sometimes it’s good to just “let it all out” and just tell people what you’re going through. This way you can express your feelings in a healthy way.


If there is anything you need, you can always rely on us at Bath Box for help. We are dedicated to our customers and we see our Bath Boxers as family. If you need to talk to someone about anything, you can always shoot us an email, Facebook message or DM, we are always available for chats.

We have recently launched a new line at Bath Box that deals with self-care and natural alternatives. It’s from the company Tonic Australia, and it’s basically bags that you can place in the microwave or the fridge, and then you can use them to relieve migraines, sore muscles, back pain, period pain, hay fever, tired eyes, ect. So far the have been absolutely loved!

We really love them for a couple reasons, but mainly because they are a natural alternative for pain management. We aren’t suggesting that you don’t take your medications and disregard your doctors advice to, but this is a great alternative you can rely on if you want to try something natural to relieve your headaches before reaching for the old panadol.

This week I have been using my heat bag for my sore throat. I felt I was sucking on cough drops, one right after the other, and it wasn’t helping as much. I just kept coughing. So I tried the using the heat bag, by just laying it on my neck while I watched TV at night, and I found it was helping ease my coughing. Check out our Tonic Range if your interested in natural alternatives and self-care.
xx Hannah xx
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