5 Budget Stocking Filler Ideas + BONUS IDEA

5 Budget Stocking Filler Ideas + BONUS IDEA

Christmas is quickly approaching and while we might be thinking of the big presents and what we are going to get for each other, sometimes the littlest things can be the best.

If you are looking for little stocking stuffers or present fillers, below are some amazing and affordable products that will make you a winner this present giving season.

1. Evergreen

Our Christmas Tree Bath Bomb Evergreen, is a cute sized green bath bombs with bubble frosting, sprinkles and biodegradable glitter. This adorable Christmas exclusive is made with pine, cedarwood and cypress essential oil. Producing a very earthy and Christmas aroma. This bath bomb not only produces a beautiful green colour but also lots of fizz and foam too. Plus, with the added frosting, there are bubbles too, making it a perfect gift for all ages!
Price $9.95
Limited Edition Christmas Tree Bath Bomb
Remove Makeup with Water

2. Makeup Remover

Once you try this you cannot go back to anything else! This is the perfect present for any makeup lover as it removes all their makeup with just water - no chemicals, no other products, just plain and simple tap water. Not only is it quick and easy to use, it’s mess free and simple to clean. Just a rinse under the tap with soap and water does the job or a gentle spin in the washing machine. But the best part of all is that it is environmentally friendly. Each makeup remover puff lasts up to 200 washes, so you can say goodbye to makeup wipes for good!
Price: Single $9.95, 3-Pack $24.95

3. Bath Dusts

These are a fun addition to any gift this holiday season. They are for all ages and can last up to 4 baths, maybe even more! If they love colour, foam, fizz and fun then this is the product for you to wrap-up and gift. These colourful bath dusts are made with essential oils and each have their own unique aroma. Whether it be 1, 2, 3 or how many you want to give, I am sure whoever receives it will absolutely love them and make bath time a regular thing if it is not already!
Price: Single $14.95, 3-Pack $69.95
Bath Foam, Fizz and Fun for Everyone
Cleanse Skin with 100% Natural Fibres

4. Konjac Set

Sensitive skin? Not a problem! This two-piece set for face and body is perfect for any skincare lover. Made from the konjac root, these konjac sponges are 100% natural and biodegradable. Meaning they are not only great for the environment, but also your skin too. Perfect to use daily, these sponges do not need any products added to them. Simply run under the tap until soft and spongy, and then apply to skin in circular motions. You will find your skin feel hydrated, clean and fresh after every use, as it helps to remove excess oils, dirt and other nasties without drying the surface of your skin.
Price: Facial Konjac Sponge $9.95, Body Konjac Sponge $9.95, Konjac Set $19.95

Face Mask & Applicator Set

Always a Bath Box favourite, our signature clay face masks along with an applicator is always a winner. No matter what skin concern one may have, we will have the product for you. Whether it’s for dry, acne prone, oily, normal or combination skin, we have a mask for you. These beauties added with an applicator make the ultimate gift as face mask application will be quick and mess-free, as there are no more messy hands!
Price: Face Masks $16.00-$24.95, Applicator $9.95
Hydrating Mask and Applicator
Exclusive Bath Bomb Milkshake

BONUS IDEA - 6. Milkshake

One of our biggest selling products since it has been launched, is our Bath Bomb Milkshake. This bath favorite has been flying off our shelves and is a LIMITED EDITION Bath Box Exclusive for Christmas only. Filled with purple and yellow bath bomb powder and bubble frosting, this bath explosion of fun looks too good to use. An added extra is that it comes in a reusable plastic cup! Be quick because there was 100 made and now, there are only 65 left!
Price $17.95
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