5 Ways to Prepare for Christmas + BONUS TIP

5 Ways to Prepare for Christmas + BONUS TIP

It is already the 1st of November and next month, on the 25th, will be a day filled with many presents and joy but there is just so much to do before then and sometimes, it can end in tears!

Why? Because this merry time can become hectic and expensive when it’s all left to the last minute.

1. Get Organised Using a Calendar

One of the best ways to get ready for Christmas is to get a calendar and plan all your days for this jolly season.

You should include things such as family gatherings, parties, school and work events, parties, as well as anything else that pay pop into your mind.

This right here puts you in-charge this holiday season and makes everything more manageable during a time of chaos. Reducing stress, worry and madness during one of the busiest times of the year.

2. Create a Budget

One of my favourite tips to date is this one right here because it helps me prepare ahead of time for one of my most expensive months.

If you’re like me and have a big family and lots of presents to give, you can find yourself getting into a whole heap of financial strain super quickly. That is why I plan out my months and do my Christmas shopping over weeks rather than all in one day!

Creating a budget isn’t just for presents but also decorations, food, outings and of course… new Christmas outfits. You can also include postage stamps for cards, gift wrapping costs and parking (which may apply at selected shopping centres).

With this, you can work out exactly how much you will have to spend for the season as well as prevent any unnecessary last minute splurges closer to the big day.

3. Start Present Shopping Early

This one helps me secure all of the presents I would like to get as well as have my hands on all the gadgets I want before . they sell out, especially if you are purchasing gifts online.

A great way to begin your present shopping before racing to the store in a rush, is to make a list and check it twice!

Include everyone you are thinking of gifting, including family, friends, work colleagues, teachers and pets. This way you can carefully think about what you want to give and choose presents wisely. A great plus-side with preparing gifts early is that you don’t have to worry about delivery times either.

4. Decide Who is Hosting Christmas Lunch or Dinner.

To save yourself the stress from last-minute Christmas lunch or dinner plans, decide who will be having Christmas this year. This way everyone can prepare and help each other out if need be.

If you are having a Christmas event, try and find out who will be attending as soon as possible. This will help you plan what you will need and how many people to cater for on the big day.

If you are attending a family member of friend’s place, you can always bring a dish or two to help with the busy day, especially if there is a lot of people invited and you want to bring something to their home.

5. Prepare Your Christmas Recipes

Start thinking about what foods and deserts you would like to have for Christmas this year. Look through your recipes or ask family and friends for their favourite foods to get some ideas.

This way you can start preparing ingredients as well as creating a list of fresh produce and other items you will need to purchase before the day Santa arrives (as all stores are closed Christmas day just in-case you forget something).

Also, TV shows, magazines, social media and other online sources will have new recipes out for this holiday season, so take notes, even click record and save what you find as you may be cooking yourself a new favourite dish.


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